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Welcome to the Portage County Hunger & Poverty Prevention Partnership

The Hunger Prevention Partnership was formed in October 2000, after the first Portage County Hunger Summit. Over the years, the Partnership has grown. In April, at the 2006 Poverty Summit, the Partnership expanded to include poverty issues and the name of the organization was changed to Portage County Hunger and Poverty Prevention Partnership The Partnership includes individuals from various aspects of the public and private sector. The Partnership developed four project teams to help address and solve hunger and poverty issues that face Portage County .


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Meetings are every other month (Feb, Apr, June, Aug, Oct, Dec)
on the first Wednesday of the month
at Woodlands Church in Plover
from 12:00-1:30 - bring your lunch and bring a friend!


Patrick J. Cassidy Memorial Scholarship - Print application

Know someone who needs help?
Want to donate some food, clothing, or other items in need?

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HPPP Mission & Values

To proactively identify issues of hunger and poverty and advocate short and long term solutions.

  • We believe that every individual should be treated with dignity and respect
  • No one should go without adequate and appropriate food.
  • Everyone should be able to support themselves and their families.
  • Everyone should be provided the opportunity to reach their potential.
  • Everyone should be personally involved in reaching their goals and moving toward self-sufficiency.
  • Broad- based community involvement and collaboration are necessary for achieving significant progress and lasting change.